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Put your crayons down and cast your vote

by: Jeremy -
More On: Final Fight: Double Impact
 Last month, I pointed out an original contest being held by Capcom to promote the upcoming Final Fight: Double Impact.  The official website for the game was holding a coloring contest to determine the final cover art that will be used for the game.  The submission and internal voting portions of the contest have ended and it is down to five finalists.  All five finalists are posted in their full digital, colored glory over at the official website for the game.  The voting for the winner has been made public and your votes will determine who takes home the grand prize, including the usage of their entry as the digital cover art for the game.  Capcom is asking any and all gamers interested in participating in the selection to head over to the official site and cast your vote on the your favorite entry.  The only requirement for voting is that you have a valid Capcom Unity site registration, which is free.  Head on over and make your vote count before the deadline on February 8, 2010.  Final Fight: Double Impact is scheduled to hit both the Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network this April.