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Capcom encourages gamers to break out the crayons...

by: Jeremy -
More On: Final Fight: Double Impact
Do you still like to color?  Come one... be honest... I think that deep down inside we all do.  Capcom sure hopes that you still do as they have announced a new contest to promote their upcoming Final Fight: Double Impact.  See, the thing is that the upcoming 2 game compilation of Final Fight and Magic Sword doesn't have a finalized box design yet.  They have an image... they just need it colorized.  You can get the full details and entrance information at the official website for the game at www.finalfightgame.com... but the just of the contest is this:  download the black and white picture that was drawn by Udon's Alvin Lee and color it... however you see fit.  Crayons.  Digital paint.  Watercolors.  Markers... whatever.  Just do the deed, submit your completed work to Capcom through the above listed website and hope for the best.  The winner of the Final Fight: Double Impact Color of Conflict (official title) contest will get their work of art used as the official box art for the game, a trip to New Orleans to meet some Capcom staff, and a bunch of other cool swag.  What are you waiting for?  Get coloring...

By the way, the follow picture is a scaled down version of the entrance picture; make sure to visit the official website for the full scale version.

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