Order of War MP demo expected sometime late this week

by: Jake -
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Remember Order of War? The ultra-realistic, historically accurate World War II strategy game from Square Enix, just released today? Well, according to Square Enix, we should all be expecting a (GameSpy exclusive) multi-player demo, featuring the WWII action you see in this video. This, my friends, is a World War II strategy game at it's absolute finest. I don't know about you, but I can't wait for that demo!

The multiplayer demo for Order of War, the intense and realistic World War II strategy game from Square Enix and Wargaming.net, is expected to release online later this week. The demo was originally slated to hit the Internet last Tuesday, but was delayed.

Order of War is now available at retail locations across North America, as well as available for download through Steam, today, September 22, 2009.

The multiplayer demo will include two of the game’s multiplayer maps -- Manor House and Across the Canyon – and will allow players to take on the role of the Americans, Germans or Soviets (playing as Soviets not available in single player mode). Each nation features about 20 units of historically accurate planes, artillery, infantry and tanks. The objective of multiplayer is simple – total domination of all Control Points and total annihilation of the enemies’ units. The multiplayer demo will be exclusive to GameSpy and uses their DRM.

For more information on Order of War, please visit the official website at http://www.orderofwar.com/.
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