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NinjaBee shows off XBLA title Ancients of Ooga

by: Dan -
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NinjaBee let loose with a bunch of screens and info on their latest Xbox Live Arcade title, Ancients of Ooga. The game is considered by the NinjaBee staff as a spiritual successor to Cloning Clyde because of the heavy influence from one of the original XBLA titles. Brent Fox, NinjaBee Art Director offers up some insight into the Ooganis:

“The Ooganis aren’t your typical heroes,” said Brent Fox, NinjaBee’s art director. “But that’s what makes this game so fun to play. They’re quirky, bizarre, and at times borderline foul. An Oogani’s world is centered around eating. You have to eat, chant, dance and even puke your way through the primeval land of Ooga. This is definitely the most gluttonous game you’ll play in 2010 – it’s gonna be out of this world!”
If you loved Cloning Clyde and some of the original Xbox Live Arcade titles, it sounds like Ancients of Ooga may be something to check out.