Ninja Bee's Ancients of Ooga a spirtual successor to Cloning Clyde

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Cloning Clyde was a fun little game that had a lot of humor and co-op play. I can't believe it's been three years since the release of it though but a lot of folks have been asking if there's going to be a sequel to the game. Not yet but Ancients of Ooga is a spritual successor to Clyde. Although nothing much has been revealed about the game, we did get a look at one piece of concept art that's pictured below.

NinjaBee Reveals Title to Cloning Clyde’s ‘Spiritual Successor’

Ancients of Ooga coming to Xbox Live Arcade

OREM, Utah – Aug. 31, 2009 – NinjaBee and J. Kenworthy Entertainment, the creative team that envisioned and developed Cloning Clyde for Xbox LIVE Arcade, revealed today the title of their next XBLA game - Ancients of Ooga. Along with this announcement the developers also unveiled the first piece of concept art from the upcoming title.

“Ever since we released Cloning Clyde we’ve been bombarded with requests for a sequel,” said John Nielson, founder of J. Kenworthy Entertainment. “Although Ancients of Ooga is not a sequel to Cloning Clyde, it is what we like to call a spiritual successor because of how heavy an influence Cloning Clyde had on its creation. Just like Cloning Clyde, Ancients of Ooga is going to bring originality, humor, its own unique artistic style, and extremely creative gameplay to Xbox Live Arcade.”

Cloning Clyde was originally released in July of 2006. No release date has yet been announced for Ancients of Ooga.
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