News Roundup audio edition: Wii want to play with your Legos

by: Nathan -
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Another week of hoo hum news has Sean and Nathan talking about the small stuff. THQ is establishing a "hardcore" studio, the Conduit 2 is looking promising, and Goldeneye 007 is discussed...again. Check out the podcast by clicking on the play button below, and if you want your favorite news story of the week discussed make sure you leave a comment.

Featured articles:
Canadians get all the hardcore game studios
Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright in an EPIC BATTLE TO THE DEATH (plus video)
The Conduit 2 is looking promising
Sure it smells good, but what does Goldeneye's story taste like?
Build your own Wii remote
One more PS2 bundle for the road
Nathan works his magic, and conjures a demo from thin air

This week's featured outro is Waterfall Caverns by Pongball
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