Lego Wii Remote announced, Ben to compulsively play more Wii now

by: Sean Colleli -
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Both me and fellow staffer Ben Berry know the intoxicating allure of Lego bricks. Ben has an impressive collection of Star Wars kits displayed proudly in his Boston home, and while I've sworn off the stuff for the benefit of my bank account, this new Wii remote might kick me right off the wagon. Made by Power A and licensed by both Lego and Nintendo, this Wiimote has several spaces to place Lego bricks of varying sizes. Needless to say you could make your ergonomic Wiimote highly uncomfortable with a few chunky additions, and it could hurt like crazy if you stepped on it while on the way to the bathroom at night, but it's still a cool concept. I'm just a bit disappointed that you can't swap out the buttons for ones with different colors and shapes.

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