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News Roundup audio edition: New and (somewhat) improved

by: Nathan -
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Sean and I spent the last week bumbling around the internet looking for a new site to host the audio edition and finally found a home at PodBean.com. It's only on a trial basis right now, so if you have any problems with the player (or just plain dislike it) then drop a line in the comments and let us know.

This week we discuss some intriguing developments in Florida state legislation (more relevant than it sounds), whether a universe is big enough to contain Meg Man, the darker side of Wii, a very pale spartan making his way back to the portable scene, and more!

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Featured Articles:
MechWarrior 4 is free and running rampant on BitTorrent
The Wii never looked so...black
What is Mega Man Universe?
Red Faction as a television series
Florida as the new hotbed of game development?
The Ghost of Sparta is not just a moniker for Kratos, but a new game as well
APB has price for any...stopwatch?
Jack Friedman has passed away
Sean's shameless plug for Trauma Team and Strange Journey

This week's featured outro music is titled Vestige from smiletron a chart topper on 8bit Collective.