News Roundup: Blood on the Sand Beneath a Steel Sky

by: Randy -
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In GamingNexus news:
  • Randy reports on 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, a fast-paced and forgettable commercial for rapper Curtis Jackson.
  • Bigfoot Networks launches new line of Killer nics called Killer Xeno.
  • Rockstar bringing Max Payne back this winter.
  • Wii-kly Shopping List: A couple of TurboGrafx classics.
  • Atari gives Alyssa Milano a promotion.
  • Rock Band Wii DLC: R.E.M. and more from The Who.
  • There's something going on in Sony's Home.
  • Direct2Drive puts up their Defense Grid, prints money.
  • Uno Rushing onto Xbox Live Arcade.
And in other news:
  • Free games at the newstand, from the '80s and '90s to now.
  • Ready 2 Rumble leaves Defunct Games with "an interesting problem."
  • Plus, a re-review of 1995's Rayman.
  • ...And another look back at 1994's Beneath a Steel Sky.
  • Microsoft launches the SideWinder X8 Wireless Gaming Mouse.
  • TechwareLabs takes aim in their editorial "Hard Drive Destruction--4 Guns and a Hard Drive."
  • The latest motherboard from ASUS unleashes a Rampage II Extreme.
  • XTracPads Logic Hard Mouse Surfaces?  Verdis Reviews claims that it's some "next level" stuff.
Thanks to Defunct Games, I4U, TechwareLabs, Legit Reviews and Verdis Reviews for today's news roundup.
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