Uno rushing onto Xbox Live

by: Randy -
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As part of the "Days of Arcade" program on Xbox Live Arcade, Uno Rush hits the card-dealing scene this Wednesday, March 25.  For 800 Microsoft Points ($10) you can run with up to four players, either in the same room or across the Xbox Live metaverse, in that classic race to the very last card.  As the "rush" moniker would indicate, this version "turns up the speed, volume, and heat."  Why would you not just buy a deck of cards and invite three other people over to play?  Because you don't have that many friends.  And certainly not that many friends that want to play Uno.  So Xbox Live will bring together sheer numbers of people without enough friends to play a live game of Uno with.  Win-win, I say.

Via Gamerscore Blog.
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