New ArcaniA shots feature giant bugs

by: Chuck -
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We really haven't seen much of ArcaniA:Gothic 4 since E3 last year which makes this latest round of screenshots a nice treat.  I was fairly impressed with the game back then and it looks like the game is shaping up nicely (well as much as you can tell from screenshots).  The game is still expected to be released sometime later this year so hopefully we'll get our mitts on it sooner rather than later.

DreamCatcher Games and JoWooD Entertainment today release new screenshots from the up-coming RPG Adventure “ArcaniA: Gothic 4” which will be released on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. The latest installment in the renowned Gothic series is set about 12 years after the events shown in “Gothic 3”, and again invites the player to a fantastic journey through a war-torn world. The ancient, nameless hero, who by now has been crowned King Robar the Third, commands a rigorous regiment over Myrtana and the Southern Islands. Luckily, not all subordinates live in fear and submission to the King and a new hero emerges, with the intention to settle an old score: A seemingly unimposing shepherd from the Isle of Feshyr sets out on the long and perilous journey to the King’s Palace. 
“Implementing a new main character is not just a consistent continuation of the given storyline, but it also allows us to add new ideas and concepts to the game,” says Clemens Schneidhofer, PR Coordinator with JoWooD Entertainment. “Seeing your old hero as an apparently mad King, is a stimulating twist to the storyline of the Gothic saga as we see it. Players will need to be careful whom they trust … Gothic has always been known for its unpredictable story line.”
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