Neverwinter celebrates Halloween with the Masquerade of Liars Festival

by: Travis -
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Perfect World Entertainment has sent word that free-to-play Neverwinter will be celebrating Halloween with the Masquerade of Liars Festival that is now running until November 4. Players that visit the hub city of Protector’s Enclave will notice a spooky transformation with a wide assortment of jack-o'-lanterns. As well, players can chat to city citizens that have been transformed to narrative foes and even large phantasmal creatures.

Festival events include completing daily quests for the citizens of Protector's Enclave, discovering the lore of Liars’ Night, and exploring to collect Liars’ Charms. Participation in the event will award players with Halloween-themed masks and costumes.

Find additional information regarding the event on the Neverwinter website. For our thoughts on the game, read our recent review. Neverwinter is available now for Windows PC.

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