Namco keeps busy at the App Store with updates and releases

by: Tina -
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In conjunction with Namco’s Tinseltown Dreams that we announced some time ago, Namco released yet another update for their shooter title in the App Store. Garters & Ghouls was released last Halloween, and received a “Winter Nightmare” update recently. Now they’re offering a digital comic based on the game at the App Store, made by IDW.

The most recent update to Garters & Ghouls contains a new adventure mode as well as two new survival mode areas. Read on for the details, and check the screenshots of the game and the digital comic below.

Garters & Ghouls is Namco’s dual joystick shooter that we released last Halloween and continue to add additional content to. We’ve not only released a “Winter Nightmare” update for just $.99, but IDW, an award-winning publisher of comic books, graphic novels and trade paperbacks, has released a digital comic based on our original property. The iPhone App update includes:

· One Adventure Mode Mission – over an hour of additional gameplay

o New storyline

o New weapons: ice beam and flame thrower

o New enemies and boss

o New achievements

o New costume for Marie

o New NPC (non-playable character)

· Two Survival Mode areas
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