Two more Namco Networks games coming to the iPhone

by: Tina -
More On: Lt. Fly: Rise of the Arachnids Tinseltown Dreams: The 50s
Namco Networks is busy with their iPhone releases. Estimated as coming in the coming weeks, we should be soon seeing Tinseltown Dreams: The 50s and Lt. Fly: Rise of the Arachnids.

Tinseltown Dreams is where you can make your movie career through a buying/selling/hiring process. Lt. Fly will take care of your shooter desire, with plenty of attacking spiders to deal with. Take a look at the assets for both below.

Tinseltown Dreams: The 50's is a Match 3 movie-making game where you can create your very own box-office hit. Accrue money by swapping tiles; then use the funds to hire a cast and crew and purchase props for your masterpiece. Perfect timing with the Oscars last night!

Lt. Fly Rise of the Arachnids is a hybrid of genres combining Match 4 and Shooter gameplay. Collect ammo by matching 4 and unleash the firepower on the invading Spider army.
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