More Goldeneye remake rumors

by: Sean Colleli -
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Yesterday I heard about a rumored Goldeneye 007 remake for the Wii, courtesy of Bond license-holder Activision. The info was a bit sketchy but did jibe with a few disparate pieces of evidence from the past few months. Well, now we have another clue. Eurogamer is reporting that an inside source told them that Activision is indeed developing a Goldeneye remake, not just for the Wii but for the DS as well. Rare, developer of the N64 original, has denied any involvement in a Goldeneye remake. As speculated, however, Eurocom is supposedly handling development, and they're sharing the project with American developer n-Space.

I've been a fan of n-Space ever since I reviewed their under-appreciated GameCube shooter Geist five years ago. Geist proved that n-Space have console FPS chops, but more recently they've been doing extensive work on the DS, particularly the Activision-published Call of Duty DS ports, all of which sport impressive 3D engines for the handheld. For that reason, it's more likely that n-Space is doing a DS version of Goldeneye.

According to Eurogamer's source, the Goldeneye remake will be unveiled at E3. I'm still keeping a healthy skepticism, but it's hard not to get excited. What started just yesterday as a shaky rumor is slowly getting more evidence behind it.
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