RUMOR: A Goldeneye remake for Wii? Sean investigates.

by: Sean Colleli -
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A guaranteed way to get my attention is to mention Goldeneye 007, and that’s what GoNintendo has done in a recent news post. Supposedly, a leaked survey says that Activision is remaking the N64 classic as a Wii exclusive, built from the ground up for the console as a tribute to the 1997 original and scheduled for a 2010 release. It will include all of the classic weapons and locations, 4 player local and 8 player online multiplayer, and strangest of all, it will star current Bond Daniel Craig as 007, not Pierce Brosnan. The “leaked” images also show what looks like a golden Classic Controller Pro, and a Wii remote gun shell shaped like the infamous Klobb SMG. The GoNintendo people are a bit skeptical, and I don’t blame them.

For starters, the gold controller is an obvious palette swap of an existing image—give me a few minutes with Photoshop’s color sliders and I’ll make you the exact same picture. I really like the Klobb shell but a talented fan with 3D Studio Max could render that up in a lazy afternoon. The various box art shots look cool, but they’re an awful lot like fan-made box shots or placeholder art. And why is Daniel Craig starring as Bond and not Pierce Brosnan, who played Bond in the Goldeneye film? To my understanding Activision owns the Bond video game license, so they could make an On Her Majesty’s Secret Service game starring George Lazenby if they wanted to.

Still, there is some scant evidence to support this leaked survey. Activision recently registered and 007 Bloodstone is suspected of being a Bond racing title from Bizarre Creations, and we’ve seen it show up on retail listings a couple of times in the last few months, but the Goldeneye domain came out of nowhere. Last October, an ex-Eurocom animator posted his resume online, stating that he worked on “Goldeneye 2010 for Wii,” and Eurocom’s CEO confirmed early last year that his company was indeed working on an unnamed James Bond title.

Rare and 4J studios were developing a Goldeneye remake for XBLA a couple years back, and there are even screenshots of it. It’s also obvious that the weapon models from the remake were reused in 4J’s Perfect Dark XBLA update. Supposedly the Goldeneye project was canned when Microsoft, Activision and Nintendo couldn’t work out a deal—maybe Nintendo contracted Activision and Eurocom for an exclusive remake for the Wii?

A lot of this is speculation and after so many false starts I know better than to get my hopes up, but after all these years and red tape it would be great to get a modern remake of Goldeneye. 4J Studios turned the aging Perfect Dark into a retro masterpiece on XBLA and it’s a shame their Goldeneye project got killed so close to release. Maybe Activision will finally give the N64 classic a new lease on life, but if they are doing a remake, I hope they appreciate the value and nostalgia of the property. EA’s Goldeneye Rogue Agent was a shameless use of the title and we saw how that blew up in their face. If we're going to hear anything about this, I'll bet it will be at E3.

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