Momiji and Rachel free this weekend in Dead Or Alive 5: Core Fighters

by: Nathan -
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Valentines Day may only last one day, but Dead Or Alive 5: Core Fighters is celebrating all weekend by offering up the services of two of their lovely ladies for free this weekend. Yes, I know that made them sound like prostitutes. 

Anyways, from February 14th - February 16th, both Rachel and Momiji will be free to play in Dead Or Alive 5: Core Fighters. You will have to buy them if you want to keep them in your roster afterwards.

For those unaware, Dead Or Alive 5: Core Fighters is the free to play version of Dead Or Alive 5: Ultimate. Core Fighters comes with 4 playable fighters with a free rotation of fighters every few weeks or so. All DLC that you bought from the original Dead Or Alive 5 or Dead Or Alive 5+ on PSP will also carry over to Dead Or Alive 5: Ultimate and Core Fighters as well. 

If you want to give your favorite female fighters some more comfortable clothes to wear, a set of "Tropical Sexy" outfits was also released for you to buy as well. 

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