To the surprise of no one, Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate gets new "Tropical Sexy" DLC

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The Dead or Alive franchise is pretty well known for its... "fan service" and while Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate is probably the best in the series, they just couldn't leave well enough alone. 

Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate has to have more costumes than any other fighting game out there and while some swimsuit outfits have been released before, Team Ninja is bringing more to the game in the form of "Tropical Sexy" DLC. 

Most of the DLC is available today and includes outfits for Kasumi, Ayane, Hitomi, Kokoro, Leifang, Helena, Christie, Tina, Lisa, Mila, Momiji, Rachel, Sarah and Pai. Xbox 360 will get the outfits tomorrow. It should be noted that "Tropical Sexy Kokoro" and the "Tropical Sexy Costume Set" will be released on February 11th. 

The DLC will cost $1.99 per character or $14.99 for the entire set. 

So if you want the lovely ladies of Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate to have some fun in the sun while looking the part, here you go.

Be sure to check out the incredibly creepy, stalker friendly, DLC trailer as well.

Word of warning, the trailer is NSFW.

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