Meet the new FemSheps [update]

by: Nathaniel -
More On: Mass Effect 3
Yesterday I told you about the fan vote currently being held on the Mass Effect Facebook page to decide which of the newly designed default female Commander Shepard faces will make it into Mass Effect 3.  Today, Jim Sterling over at destructoid is reporting that Shepard number 5 is running away from the pack with 27,000 votes, Shepard 4 is a distant second with 11,000 (I'd just like to point out that 5 and 4 happen to be my favorites as well), while Shepard 6 brings up the rear with barely 3,000 votes.

While I like these new faces, and they're a big improvement over the player-created faces that I've seen (or created myself), I am still disappointed.  ManShep's face is the nearly perfect scan of dutch male model Mark Vanderloo, while these new FemSheps still look to be created with Mass Effect 3's face editor tools (although way better than previous default FemSheps).  If ManShep can be a model, why can't FemShep?  C'mon BioWare, reverse sexism is still sexism.
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