Meet the new FemSheps

by: Nathaniel -
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It's always bothered me that BioWare put so much work into finding a awesome face for Mass Effect's default male Commander Shepard but didn't for the default female Commander Shepard.  The default male face looks a million times better than any face I've created (and he should since he's a male model).  I've always wished that they had used a similarly striking female face for the default female because all the FemShep faces I've seen ranged from "stupid looking" to "slightly less-stupid looking," and the default female face is the worst of the lot that wasn't meant to be straight-up fugly.

Well it looks like BioWare is going to rectify that in Mass Effect 3.  Over on ME's Facebook page there are six pics of six lovely female Shepards, and the one with the most "likes" will make it into the game.  Personally, I "liked" four and five.  Leave your favorite in the comments.  

[via: IGN]
[source: Facebook]

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