Mass Effect 2 begins its PS3 migration soon

by: Jeremy -
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Mass Effect 2 will finally make its debut on the PlayStation platform next week when the demo is released on the PlayStation Network. EA has announced that the demo will be available on December 22, 2010, close to a month prior to the full game’s January 18, 2010 launch date.

As previously rumored, the PS3 version of the game will include all of the previous DLC episodes that were released for the Xbox 360 version with the exceptions of Zaeed and Firewalker, and a fully interactive digital comic to which will require players to make decisions as they progress through it, shaping their character for the start of Mass Effect 2. It isn’t quite the same as having the first game released on the platform, but I think that it about as reasonable a substitute as any.

Now everybody has a chance to get caught up on the story before Mass Effect 3 launches for both consoles (and the PC) next holiday season...

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