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How will BioWare set the stage for Mass Effect 2 PS3?

by: Jeremy -
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Earlier this year, BioWare announced that Mass Effect 2 was (finally) headed to the PlayStation 3 at the start of 2011. This announcement cause mixed reactions to gamers across the net; most were happy that the beloved franchise was finally going multi-platform while others were extremely skeptical and concerned at how a game so heavily based on the play-through and actions of the first game could be launched without losing its “spark”. If some of the reports swirling on the BioWare Social Network forums prove to be true... BioWare could have everything under control better than we think...

The forums listed above recently contained a post from a moderator that was a translation of a German interview with Play3. According to the translation, BioWare and Dark Horse were planning the launch of an interactive comic for the PlayStation 3 that chronicles the events of the original Mass Effect game, decision making and all. Players could “play” through the digital comic and then start the second game with a character who was built off of the decisions that they made throughout the comic. Not only would players learn the original tale of the series, but they would also have a main character for the second game tailored to their decisions from the original story. Seems like two birds with one stone to me...

Some of the other information included in the posting detailed the contents of the PlayStation 3 version of the game and noted that it would contain not only the original retail release of Mass Effect 2, but also all of the various DLC packs released to date on the Xbox Live Marketplace. The PS3 version of the game would also include an exclusive mossion as well to celebrate the launch on the new platform.

Hopefully BioWare will make an official announcement soon regarding these features as the game is reported to be launching in just 2 short months...

Source: Joystiq 

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