Killing Floor Update

by: Jake -
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Finally a new patch! Everyone loves patches! Now you don't have to worry about those pesky bugs anymore, with the NEW and IMPROVED Killing Floor! Also, I hope you've started on your custom map for the Killing Floor Grindhouse competition... Get to work! You could become a millionaire over night!
An update to Killing Floor has been released and will be downloaded
automatically through Steam. The update includes improvements, bug
fixes, exploit fixes, as well as addressing some of the balance issues
we have discovered with the Perk system since the release. For a full
list of changes please visit the Killing Floor website.

Additionally, there is less than a month left until the deadline for
Wave 1 of the “Killing Floor Grindhouse” custom map making
competition. With over $20,000 in prizes, included a $10,000 cash
grand prize on the line, competition is heating up. Head over to the
map contest website for more details.
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