Gears' first villain gets a launch trailer

by: Nathaniel -
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Everyone who played the original Gears of War probably remembers that scene early at the beginning when a seemingly important character is ran through by a sword wielded by the biggest ************* Locust we'd seen up until that point.  It was pretty obvious that monster was important given his hero-style slow-motion intro.  However, he showed up once more, then we never saw another Locust like him.  And so began Epic's "Locust can all look drastically different from one another" philosophy of enemy design.  Well, that guy, known as General RAAM (Why in all caps, is it a title and not a name - like Doctor Princess?) gets his own DLC that launched yesterday.  You can find details on what RAAM's Shadow adds to Gears of War 3 right here.  My job is to present the launch trailer.  Consider it presented: 

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