Next Gears 3 DLC brings back an old nemesis

by: Jeremy -
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Epic Games promised story-based DLC for Gears of War 3 and it looks as if they are about ready to deliver. Epic and Microsoft have unveiled “Raam’s Shadow”, a new DLC pack for Gears of War 3 that will extend the campaign experience of the game.

Raam’s Shadow is a prequel campaign for the game which put you in to the shoes of both a new squad of Gears as well as the long-forgotten General Raam. The storyline is set back around the first game, so some of the mechanics have been taken back to the classic title. You will be fending off ever-appearing emergence holes and the original Hammer of Dawn design. You can go it alone or take along 3 friends in the pack’s cooperative campaign, which again will let you control both Gears and Locust troops.

There will be 5 chapters included in the tale, which will launch on the Xbox Live Marketplace on December 13 for 1,200 Microsoft points. In the meantime, check out this brief video 1UP recently posted showing some of their staff playing through some of the new content:

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