GamersGate announces upcoming deals and pre-order specials

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GamersGate has announced some more upcoming deals and pre-order specials! Coming from a guy with experience, I advise you to take advantage of deals like these whenever you can! In fact, I just bought Company of Heroes Gold for $5 from Direct2Drive. There's no better way to get the games you've been waiting for, and at thye PRICE you're looking for, than to wait for a deal like this.

Upcoming GamersGate deals include:
  • Game of the Week- Fairy Tales: Three heroes. 40% off
  • Games of the Weekend- Velvet Assassin, Painkiller Unvierse, 50% off
And upcoming pre-order specials are:
  • Football Manager 2012, 20% off
  • NBA 2K10, 10% off
For more info, and to take advantage of these deals, check out the GamersGate webpage here.
GamersGate Announces Upcoming Deals and Pre-order Specials

NEW YORK - October 8, 2009 - GamersGate today announced their upcoming specials.

JoWood Month - Each day, a select JoWood title will be discounted up to 50% OFF

New Publisher Promotion: All Strategy First titles are 20% OFF

Game of the Week (until October 11th): Fairy Tales: Three Heroes 40% OFF

Games of the Weekend (October 8-11):

Velvet Assassin 50% OFF

Painkiller Universe 50% OFF

Pre-order Special:

Football Manager 2010 - pre-order at 20% OFF and receive OutRun 2006 Coast to Coast for free, get 3,000 Blue Coins with a price guarantee

NBA 2K10 10% OFF - pre-order and get 250 Blue Coins, with a price guarantee

To see a complete listing of new additions and more information, please visit and follow GamersGate on twitter @gamersgate.

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