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Ah, a war's brewin'! Hearin' talk of strange and unusual happenin's from GamersGate 'n' Steam.. Am I the only one who thinks there may be a secret war going on behind the scenes of the top digital gaming distribution companies. One thing's for sure though, whether or not there is any war going on, there's still no better time than now to try out GamersGate or Steam right now, today, and see why I'm making such a big deal out of.. Well, these deals! What is it this time, you ask? GamersGate is offering a 10% off pre-order special for Resident Evil 5! Just head on over to the GamersGate home page, and see for yourself. It might not be 50% off, but 10% still helps you save some of those ever-important green leaves in your pocket.
GamersGate Announces Pre-order Special for Resident Evil 5

New York - September 11, 2009 – GamersGate today announced their pre-order offer for Resident Evil 5 . Gamers who pre-order the hoghly-anticipated fifth instalment from Capcom will receive 10% OFF.

To see a complete listing on new additons and for more information, please visit, and follow GamersGate on Twitter @Gamersgate.

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