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Front Mission Evolved Wanzer Pack 3 now available

by: Tina -
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Roughly two weeks ago, Square Enix revealed new DLC plans for Front Mission Evolved. At the time, both the Weapons Pack 1 and Wanzer Pack 2 were available with plans for a third Wanzer Pack to hit on November 16th. As of yesterday, Wanzer Pack 3 was made available.

The Wanzer Pack 3 comes with two new Wanzer additions. November 23rd will mark yet another DLC release. Last Stand will be available for $4.99 and features waves of enemies in a new game mode that can be tackled with up to two players co-operatively. A new map pack will also be made available, for $3.99. Learn about the two maps, Desert and Docks, and the rest of the details after the jump.

Also, check the Wanzer Pack 3 trailer posted below, which features Wildgoat and ISV-Prototype. 


Wanzer Pack 3
Price: $3.99

The Wildgoat, designed mainly as a long-range weapons platform with limited defensive capabilities, became popular among snipers and artillery specialists, for whom the ability to deliver a devastating initial strike is worth more than a few sheets of extra armor.
The ISV-Prototype was never mass-produced, and only a handful is known to exist. Built to push the limits of military-grade hover units, the ISV-Prototype is able to field weaponry comparable to land-based wanzers while still retaining the ability to move across impassable terrain.


Last Stand
Price: $4.99
A new mode featuring increasing waves of hostile forces. Up to two players can play cooperatively online. Fend off unrelenting waves of enemies in both Player and Rank matches.

Map Pack
Price: $3.99
Map Pack contains two new maps, Desert and Docks:

With limited cover and unobstructed fields of fire, no one can hope to leave the desert unscathed.

A veritable maze of shipping containers and hangars, the docks lend themselves to intense and vicious close-quarters combat.