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Square Enix has revealed plans for downloadable content for Front Mission Evolved promising epic new weapons and wanzers for gameplay customization.

Weapons Pack 1, which is free, is currently available on the PC, 360 and PS3. With this pack comes a Dark Hog machine gun that fires in bursts of three rounds, the Seiger sniper rifle boasting the highest caliber available for a Wanzer sniper, and lastly the Blackstone two-vertical-barreled shotgun.

Also available today, for $3.99, is the Wanzer Pack 2. In this pack comes a Stork model wanzer with a few new upgrades. Also in the pack is a Tatou series wanzer perfect for speed and agility.

As for their future plans, Square Enix will release Weapons Pack 2 on November 9th that comes with a bazooka, missile launcher and rocket launcher. Following shortly thereafter is the Wanzer Pack 3 on November 16th that will bring a Wildgoat wanzer as well as the ISV-Prototype. Read on for the full details on all these items and upgrades, and check below for a DLC trailer where you can see the weapons in action as well as a few screenshots of them. 

Weapons Pack 1
Price: FREE

Dark Hog
The Dark Hog Burst Fire Machine Gun is a combination of lightweight weaponry with a high accuracy rate of fire. The three-round, burst firing maintains centralized damage and resists the constant overheating of full burst weapons.

The Seiger Sniper Rifle utilizes a unique long barrel design to enhance bullet velocity to maximize damage. Touted as the highest caliber rifle for a Wanzer sniper, it can penetrate thick plating and easily dispose of long ranged targets.

The Blackstone Shotgun is a massive two-barreled shotgun. Designed with vertical barrels instead of horizontal placement, the Blackstone Shotgun targets enemies’ torsos at close range.

Wanzer Pack 2
Price: $3.99

The current Stork model is based on the original parts from Freyman Corporation. Staying true to the design philosophy of the series, this contemporary model exhibits all the versatility of its predecessors, while sporting minor upgrades that allows it to compete in the modern battlefield.

Past models in the the Tatou series were designed specifically for the light recon role. The modern Tatou, however, was redesigned to become a multipurpose combat unit possessing a level of speed and agility comparable to its predecessors.


Weapons Pack 2
Price: $2.99

The massive Rockjack bazooka fires five explosive rounds per shot for unprecedented damage. It is a two-handed heavy weapon specifically designed to be used by ballistics Wanzers.

The Goldias missile launcher is a shoulder-mounted weapon featuring a six-lock missile system. Its high-speed lock-on capability combined with its six-spread missile barrage makes this launcher a force to be reckoned with.

The Wildgoose rocket launcher is a shoulder-mounted weapon able to unleash a devastating six-round rain of explosives. This extremely high damage output is further enhanced by a short cooling cycle.


Wanzer Pack 3
Price: $3.99

The Wildgoat, designed mainly as a long-range weapons platform with limited defensive capabilities, became popular among snipers and artillery specialists, for whom the ability to deliver a devastating initial strike is worth more than a few sheets of extra armor.

The ISV-Prototype was never mass-produced, and only a handful are known to exist. Built to push the limits of military-grade hover units, the ISV-Prototype is able to field weaponry comparable to land-based Wanzers while still retaining the ability to move across impassable terrain.
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