Free Realms registered users passes two million

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Today, Sony Online Entertainment LLC announced that its number of registered users for its fast-growing online world known as Free Realms has passed the 2 million mark. With 75% of them are under age 17, 46% under 13, and 33% female, Free Realms has hit it big when it comes to young players, and is even doing well with the female demographic. All current members will receive an in-game "party pack" bundle of items to celebrate.

In Free Realms, players are free to do or be just about anything and everything. They can fight like a ninja, cook meals, raise pets, battle goblins, and set out on epic quests. They can also connect with friends through a safe, social networking site. In-game, Free Realms' virtual market includes almost anything you can think of, from pets, clothing, trading cards, and beyond.

To support the initial release and launch of Free Realms, nearly one million Station Cash™ game cards were made available across five major retail chains, including Best Buy, Blockbuster, Rite Aid, 7-Eleven, and Target. Station cash cards are used to redeem station cash, used as virtual currency.

Free Realms is rated E10+ for Crude Humor and Fantasy Violence.

Check it out at FreeRealms.Com
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