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FragFX controllers from SplitFish dated and priced

by: Dan -
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Last month we mentioned that SplitFish would be showing off three new FragFX controllers at Gamescom in Germany for the PS3, Mac and PC. Today, we learn the pricing and street date for the FragFX Shark, Barracuda and Piranha. Starting on November 1st, all three will be available at SplitFish suggested retailers or directly from the company at www.splitfish.com. As fas as cost, the Shark will set you back $89.99, the Barracuda is $69.99 the Piranha only $49.99, so there is a controller for every budget.

SplitFish Announces November 1st Street Date for Groundbreaking New FRAGFX Controller Series for PlayStation 3, MAC, and PC
Energy Saving Wireless FRAGFX™ SHARK Ultra Weapon and Wired Counterparts, FRAGFX BARRACUDA and FRAGFX PIRANHA Optimized for First-Person Shooters will be arriving in Stores in Time for Call of Duty: BLACK OPS Release
Zurich, Switzerland / Edmonton, Canada, SEPTEMBER 8, 2010 - SplitFish Ltd., today announced a November 1st, 2010 street date for the much anticipated new FRAGFX SHARK, BARRACUDA and PIRANHA. The street date for Splitfish's new line of First Person Shooter game peripherals will coincide with Activision's® CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS release.

SPLITFISH unveiled this new line up of innovative wireless and wired controllers to rave reviews last month at GAMESCOM 2010 in Cologne, Germany. What makes the flagship FRAGFX SHARK controller special is the newly developed, high performance, energy saving wireless system, newly designed and ultra accurate mouse, and it's multiple platform compatibility with PLAYSTATION 3, MAC and PC.

"The FRAGFX SHARK is an all new dimension of controller that SPLITFISH is offering to first person shooter gamers," commented Werner Demetz, Splitfish president. "The Shark brings the best design elements of the dominating FRAGFX mouse and adds a solid, full featured wireless system, a new mouse design with ultra sensitive buttons, and a playing time of 50hrs or more on a single AA battery. We are very proud of how this controller performs and are excited to be able to offer it to gamers on PS3, MAC and PC. We are also proud to be able to offer two excellent and economical new wired options with the FRAGFX BARRACUDA and FRAGFX PIRANHA for PLAYSTATION 3 gamers."

The FRAGFX SHARK, BARRACUDA and PIRANHA can be purchased from any of our suggested retailers or ordered direct at: www.splitfish.com.

The manufacturer's suggested price of the Shark is $89.99 and 79.99 Euro, the Barracuda is $69.99 and 59.99 Euro, and the Piranha is only $49.99 and 39.99 Euro.