SplitFish showing off two new FragFX controllers including the green Shark

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Back at the 2010 CES, I was able to spend some time with the folks from SplitFish and Dennis Dozier taking a look at the Dual SFX Evolution for the PS3. At Gamescon, SplitFish is introducing three new FragFX controllers including the eco-friendly FragFX Shark for the PlayStation 3, PC and Mac. The other two controllers are the FragFX Piranha and The FragFX Barracuda. While SplitFish hasn’t released too many details on these PS3 controllers, they are touting them as offering different levels of innovation to your controller lineup. My interpretation is that they will probably have some, but not all of the features of the flagship FragFX controller to make them more cost-effective.

As for the FragFX Shark, SplitFish incorporated power conserving technology in order it make it greener. The biggest advancement is that it only requires a single AA battery in each piece to generate 50+ hours of game play and/or 500 + hours on standby. Not bad for someone that wants to get into their game and not worry about dead controllers.

SPLITFISH to Premiere New Ecology-Friendly FRAGFX SHARK Controller for PlayStation 3, PC and Mac at Gamescom 2010

Innovative Power Conserving Precision Mouse FPS controller to be demonstrated by COD Pro Gamer DENNIS DOZIER(zDD)

ZURICH / EDMONTON - August 13, 2010 - Leading gaming peripherals manufacturer Splitfish Gameware® announced today that they are extending their peripheral lineup with the premiere of the FRAGFX Shark, their new power conserving precision mouse FPS controller for the PlayStation 3, PC and Mac at Gamescom 2010, August 18-22. On hand to take on all challengers will be international Call of Duty champ Dennis Dozier (zDD). The FRAGFX Shark boasts a variety of innovations such as power conserving technology so that it requires only a single AA battery in the split fragchuck and mouse to provide 50+ hours of gaming time and 500 + hours on standby.

In addition to the FRAGFX Shark, Splitfish will exhibit two other brand new peripherals for the first time, the FRAGFX Piranha and The FRAGFX Barracuda. These additions provide an extended variety of innovative, affordable, high quality new peripherals promising to be the most intuitive and customizable solutions ever offered to high performance gamers for the Sony PlayStation 3.
Also on display at Gamescom 2010 will be the FragFx Evolution Wireless - the defacto dual handed, programmable MOTION Controller. The Evo gives players a huge edge when playing sports titles such as Madden 11 - it makes average players good and good players great.

Splitifish's Gamescom booth will be located at Business Area: Hall 4.2, Gang F/Nr.043.

Pros Versus Joes, Part Zwei

Teflon Hearts Team Leader and former #1 C.O.D. global leaderboard champ Dennis Dozier (zDD) will be taking on all challengers at Gamescom 2010 again. Dozier will be trying to extend his tradeshow perfect record after another undefeated performance at E3 2010 using the SPLITFISH FragFx for PS3™.

"I love being able to use a MOUSE for FPS on any platform," commented Dozier. "Demonstrating SPLITFISH's intelligent, high performance gear for playing FPS on game consoles versus standard type controllers, gives me an opportunity to show why mouse gaming on a console for me is hands down no brainer. The FRAGFX SHARK is the new standard for what console FPS gaming should be.
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