Evony boosts its credibility with Ars Technica

by: Nathan -
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Benjamin Gifford of Evony, LLC, and Walt Yarbrough, the vice president of operations on the East Coast for Regan Mercantile spoke with the gaming site Ars Technica regarding some of the articles they had put up in response to allegations made against the makers of Evony by Bruce Everiss. This article sums up the encounter over the phone, and despite some misgivings, shows Ars' (or Michael Thompson's) change in attitude about the company behind Evony. I guess when you put a human face on a faceless corporation it becomes harder to see them as having evil intent. By the way, both Gifford and Yarborough have admitted to not knowing the full working of Evony, LLC, and Regan Mecantile, having only been with those respective companies for a short while.
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