Evony players spare Bruce Everiss

by: Nathan -
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You may recall my little piece on game developer/publisher Evony, LLC, makers of Evony, filling a libel suit against blogger Bruce Everiss for his claims concerning Evony and the company that owns it. Well it seems that the gamers of Evony all raised their thumbs in unison and Mr. Everiss was spared from the suit after only the second day of the hearings. Vice Development Director of Evony, Benjamin Gifford explained the dropping of the suit, saying "A lot of our players expressed opinions about the lawsuit...and we reacted to that". 

Whatever the reason given it was clear that Evony's odd choice of filing the suit in Australia did not work to their advantage. According to Australian law only companies with fewer than 10 employees can sue for libel. Although exact details on the structure of Evony are a mystery wrapped in a shroud surrounded by a moat filled with the tears of children and razor blades, Mr. Everiss' lawyers were confident in their approach of proving Evony had more than the maximum number of employees.

I'd like to say justice has been done here, but then I'd also like to see Evony's cleavage filled banner ads removed from the interwebs.

This story was seen on GamePolitics.com and originated from The Guardian
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