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Does your PC have what it takes to run one of the most epic Star Wars games ever made?

by: Jake -
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Finally, after a year of waiting, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed will finally make its way onto the gaming rigs of Star Wars fans and PC gamers alike. Ever since the team behind Force Unleashed revealed they had no intentions of a PC release, Star Wars gamers have always wondered why. At the time, it was said to simply be because no PC could handle the incredible system requirements the game would demand out of a PC. But now, The Force Unleashed, along with it's brand new expansion pack, The Ultimate Sith Edition, are being released onto the PC for the very first time. And the question of what exactly the game will require has finally been answered, by Aspyr, who has posted the official system requirements onto their web site. And they are indeed demanding. But does your gaming rig have what it takes? Star Wars The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition will be making its way to retailers on October 23rd, just 8 days away.

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