Dead or Alive: Dimensions reveals a trailer

by: Jeremy -
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If you haven’t noticed by now by the rest of the web, today is going to be the day for Nintendo 3DS news. John kicked it off earlier on our site and there will be plenty to follow with new game announcements, trailers, and screenshots galore.

Tecmo has released the first trailer for its upcoming 3DS fighter Dead or Alive: Dimensions. Dimensions brings Tecmo’s popular 3D fighter to Nintendo’s new handheld in fantastic form. The visuals of this little handheld continue to impress me with each and every game revealed, and Dead or Alive: Dimensions definitely adds to that. This game looks almost as good as the most recent console release of the game. Dead or Alive has always been my preferred 3D, hand-to-hand fighting game (Soul Calibur is the only thing above it, but that is weapon based) and I will definitely be looking to add this to my personal library next year.

Check it out:

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