Darkest of Days demo now available on Xbox LIVE

by: Jake -
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Finally... From the videogame makers that brought you Darkest of Days... Comes a demo so epic... It leaves all others... Behind... No, I'm just kiddin'. Anyway, now, finally, after a week of waiting, the Darkest of Days DEMO has been released onto Xbox LIVE. Don't lie... You know you want see what all the hype is about. Darkest of Days quickly rose through the ranks on Steam as the highest revenue generator. That's a pretty serious achievement!
Darkest of Days launched on September 8, 2009 and was quickly one of the highest revenue generators on Steam, moving into the number one slot of “Top Sellers” on September 9. Gamers on both PC and Xbox have been enjoying travelling back through time in order to preserve history, and using plenty of BFGs along the way. Dan Stapleton with PC Gamer gave the game an 80/100 in his official review. Jeff McAllister with Game Shark called it “An intense ride through time,” and Greg Wilcox with Destroy All Fanboys said “For their first major console and PC release, developer 8monkey Labs has cooked up a supremely cool entry in the extremely crowded FPS genre that focuses on a solid single player story-driven experience.”

Darkest of Days is rated M for Mature and is available now for both PC and Xbox 360 and most major retailers for $39.99 and $49.99 respectively. For more information, please visit www.darkestofdays.com. For any questions or to request review copies, feel free to hit me up (information in signature below). Thanks, and happy gaming!
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