Cross Edge marketing goes overboard on screenshots

by: Randy -
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When it comes to marketing, I'm not going to say that Asian companies don't know how to market to the West ... but they unarguably have a different approach as to how to handle things.  Over here in America we like to have screenshots, videos, and reveals get teased out.  Ooh ooh, give me one glimpse of a Gith filling out Commander Shepard's armor in a new Mass Effect 2 video.  Yes yes(!), let me prop open my eyelids and see how much I can glean from this Assassin's Creed 2 trailer populated with da Vinci sketches and forearm blades.  Hoo doggy, give the Diablo III cult a handful of Starcraft-colored pics for them to chew on vigorously for the next several months.

But Asian game companies?  There's no teasing involved.  It's full on bukake mode when they blow up the scene with endless stacks of screens or endless stacks of videos.  And that's what NIS has done with their recently-delayed Cross Edge.  All in one day, we've now got 47 screenshots of the upcoming PS3 RPG, and another 27 character artwork images (with multiple costumes for several of the women, of course) on top of that.  See what I'm saying?  Straight bukake.  It's like you only have one or two chances to "market" your game before it hits, and it's all or nothin', both times.

Of course, my apathy towards the genre may be what's jading my lenses here.  If this was a 74-screen blowout for Brutal Legend, then I probably would be caking my pants right now.  (As it stands, we have only nine well-deserved shots for those of us patiently, patiently waiting for this sure-to-be piece de resistance for the new face of EA.)

Otherwise, here's your metric crap-ton of Cross Edge screen caps.
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