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Dragon AgeYou only have to look as far as the Neverwinter Nights series to know that BioWare knows (like nobody's business) how to cultivate a modder community disproportionately enormous in comparison to much of the rest of the PC modding world.  And now BioWare is about to open the floodgates for modders by undamming the Dragon Age beta toolset.  And even though BioWare VP Greg Zeschuk says he's got about two years' worth of DLC up his sleeve, he'd probably like a little community assistance in getting there.

I'm not going to lie.  That part's not for me.  I'm no world builder.  But BioWare is looking for a wide range of computer systems, and people with a wide range of testing experience (as in, they may want you even if you've never touched a toolset in your life).  I remember messing around with toolsets back in Morrowind's heyday, but I promptly discovered that I didn't have the time, inclination, or talent to complete even my first dungeon.  It was a sobering moment, but also a moment that left me awash in relief.  Heavens praise the developers that go through all that tedium for us to get a dozen hours of game time.  Unless we're talking RPG developers, and that number often goes up to 45 or 100 hours of game time.

You can register with the BioWare Community and apply for the Dragon Age toolset beta here.


BioWare, makers of the highly anticipated video game Dragon Age: Origins, has created a powerful toolset that will allow gamers to easily create their own Dragon Age: Origins levels and adventure modules to share online with the world.  Applications are now being accepted for this rare opportunity to test the Dragon Age toolset and help BioWare fine tune it before its release later this year.

To select beta testers, BioWare is seeking a wide range of computer systems, testing experience and technical expertise.  It doesn’t matter if a gamer has never used a toolset before – BioWare is looking for testers with different levels of experience, as well as fans who are simply curious about building their own adventures for the first time. 

Fans can register with the BioWare Community and apply for the Dragon Age Toolset Beta test here:


The Dragon Age toolset follows the Neverwinter Nights Aurora Toolset that created one of the biggest and most successful communities in the gaming world with an enormous amount of stunning fan-created work.  This next generation toolset takes user-created content to the next level by featuring more depth, more functionality and more ways to make the adventure you want to make.

BioWare has big plans for game, website and toolset integration to bring the talented Builders in the community together to plan, organize and team-up to create new worlds. 

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