There's up to two years worth of DLC for Dragon Age

by: John -
More On: Dragon Age: Origins
In an interview with BioWare VP Greg Zeschuk, MTV Multiplayer Blog got word that BioWare's planning on at least 1.5 to maybe 2 years worth of DLC for Dragon Age: Origins. I like that they are thinking about producing that much content but will people buy that much content for a game? I'm hoping that some of them will be free of course, but I won't be surprised if each piece of DLC costs a few bucks. I'm really looking forward to the game because it harkens back to the day of Baldur's Gate. Now, BioWare knows how to put out quality RPG and to have a good deal of content after the game is great but let's hope they are solid and are worth the time and money spent on it when it comes out.
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