America's Army 3: Great expectations, great big disaster?

by: Jake -
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After the release of the much-anticipated, long-awaited sequel to the U.S. Army "recruitment tool" turned popular video game, America's Army, users have complained that the game is unplayable. Because of the enormous amount of complaints by players, the Army has fired the whole America's Army 3 development team, and promises a patch to correct some of the issues users are experiencing with the game. All future efforts to continue to create new patches and possible sequels of the game have been shifted to a group working in Redstone Arsenal, Alabama.

Here I will list some of the bigger problems with the game.

  • The game, when started, will often crash right on or before you reach the login screen.
  • If you make it past the login screen, you will experience issues with creating your character. The first name you pick will pop-up a message saying the name is unavailable, but if you hit the back button, there's your character right there.. Why didn't it just give you the character in the first place?
  • If you make it past the menu and into training, you will either get stuck at the load screen, or experience long freezes during your training, causing you to fail the training, or the game will simply crash entirely.
  • At the server-select screen, the game will crash if you select "refresh" to try and find a server to go to.

Overall, the current average rating of the game on gaming sites all over the web is extremely low, and users cite that the game is simply unplayable. But if the upcoming patch can correct the mentioned issues, the game will likely surpass expectations as previously believed, and previously seen in gameplay videos, trailers, and web-docs featuring the game. Let's keep our fingers crossed for our favorite free-to-play Army FPS...
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