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Wham! Pow! Bamf! Displate offers stellar discounts for Comic-Con

by: Eric -

While we don't constantly cover the endless flow of gaming (and other gaming-adjacent) merch, we do like to highlight some cool stuff and fun deals from time to time.

As such, I would like to now draw your attention to the Displate discount currently being offered in celebration of Comic-Con. From July 24 to July 28, Displate is offering Comic-Con fans (and everyone else) a huge discount on most of their 1.5 million designs.  

By using the code COMIC while checking out, fans can snag a 25% discount of one Displate, or 35% off two Displates (note - this deal excludes Textra 3D designs). 

For those not familiar, Displate sells super deluxe metal posters, which feature a cool magnetic mounting system. This allows Displate addicts (whom I am quickly joining) to set up the mount, then swap out their posters on the fly without having to take down or move the mounts.

The company is now grouping some of it's most popular offerings in "official brand shops", with one-stop shops for stuff like  Star Wars, Marvel, DC Comics, Star Trek, Transformers, Dungeons & Dragons, and more. And, in a timely bit of synergy, Displate has just begun offering posters from Deadpool & Wolverine. Come together, indeed. At a discount. 

Physics-based delivery game TRUCKFUL announced from MythicOwl

by: Jason -

MythicOwl, the studio behind Hexologic, Harmony’s Odyssey, and Planetiles has announced its next game today – a physics-based delivery game with mysterious twist called TRUCKFUL. In TRUCKFUL, you prepare and deliver a variety of goods from stacks of fish to grand pianos as you try to earn the local villagers trust by delivering packages safely to their doorsteps. As you progress, upgrade your truck with more capacity, power, or perhaps a couple of trailers to carry even more priceless heirlooms with (or without) care.

But there is more happening in town than what appears on the surface. Strange sounds can be heard in the ancient forest, and legends speak of something hiding in the shadows. Sign me up for a special delivery when it launches – I’m in. Enjoy the announcement trailer, if you please:

ExoCross is a new off-road racer from the iRacing team

by: Jason -

The iRacing team released a new off-road racing game today called ExoCross, formerly known as DRAG: Outer Zones. The futuristic racer is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 for $39.99, with an Xbox release also imminent.

DRAG: Outer Zones morphed into ExoCross after iRacing acquired Orontes Games in 2021, but those who purchased the Steam Early Access version of DRAG will be automatically upgraded to ExoCross at no charge. Check out a new gameplay trailer and some of the game’s key features below:

  • 4CPT physics: Fully simulated chassis and suspension components and a soft-body tire model create realistic weight transfer and understeer/oversteer.
  • Slipstream and boosts: Put the power down in the right places to charge past your opponents, or slot in behind them to recharge your boost as quickly as possible.
  • Three unique cars: Take the wheel of three distinct cars, each more challenging and powerful than the last.
  • Dozens of circuits: Do battle on 19 distinct track layouts—each raceable in both directions—across four unique biomes.
  • AI Racing and Championship Mode: Advance through six racing series, two per car, to establish yourself as the top driver in ExoCross, going into battle with challenging AI opponents in up to 10-race seasons. Just want to pick up and play? Pick any car and track combo you want and hit the track!
  • Challenge Mode: Take on 48 unique challenges across all four zones and showcase your top speed against a global leaderboard.
  • Online racing: Face off with global players in a mix of Challenges and circuit races, with player votes determining every car and track selection. When the community decides, will you have the skills to make the best of the rounds ahead?

Cygni: All Guns Blazing video series dives deep on Konami’s new shoot ‘em up

by: Jason -

I recently wrote to you, dear readers, about a promising new arcade shoot ‘em up from Konami and Scottish developer KeelWorks called Cygni: All Guns Blazing. The next-gen top-down shooter is releasing in just a few short weeks on August 6th for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. In preparation for launch, the team at KeelWorks have taken us behind the scenes of the game’s development in a three-part video series, which just wrapped up over on Konami’s YouTube channel.

It is a fascinating look at the many challenges of game development (and there are many), including KeelWorks having to pick-up and move the team to Scotland in search of favorable working conditions. The series also explores the studio’s burgeoning relationship with Konami, the game’s soundtrack, and more. Check out episode one below:

Inspiration doesn't roll the same way in D&D 2024

by: Randy -

Inspiration is great. In vanilla Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (2014), Inspiration operates identically to having Advantage. Advantage lets you roll a second 20-sided die on an ability check, a saving throw, or an attack roll—and you keep the higher roll. Advantage is simple, elegant, and fast moving. It does, however, rely on very specific skills, feats, or your dungeon master's discretion in order to create.

Inspiration, on the other hand, lets you keep that second d20 up your sleeve for use on any ability check, saving throw, or attack roll the player wants, regardless of any external conditions being met (to include your DM's permission). But Inspiration was originally meant as a reward for roleplaying your character's personality traits, flaws, and bonds. As excellent as Inspiration is, it was dependent on whether you were getting into character. If you're feeling gun shy about some trait, flaw, or bond you conjured during your Session 0, or the person your character was becoming wasn't in keeping with the character you started as, then a DM might withhold Inspiration, regardless of how well you may be playing this out-of-character character. Not ideal.

Or perhaps you have a DM like me, that literally puts you through Hell (or Avernus, rather) and thinks that every day you wake up in that fiery, war-torn realm, you wake up in the un-morning with Inspiration. I meant it as a heroic boon for my players that were fighting the good fight down in a plane of existence that is doing everything it can to turn your game into an evil campaign.

While it's unclear if vanilla 5e's traditional method of dealing out Inspiration is being deleted, D&D 2024 is introducing Heroic Inspiration. You will no longer roll with Advantage; you won't roll two 20-sided dice and choose the higher roll. Heroic Inspiration is a reroll; you roll that d20, see the result, decide you want a higher roll, then reroll that d20. You're stuck with the new result, whether higher or lower.

Also, Heroic Inspiration isn't just for d20's. You can reroll any roll. Whether it's the 2d4+2 hit points you got from that healing potion, the wackadoodle d100 result on a Wild Magic table, or the d2 flip of a coin determining your fate with an old god. Certain players are already making sure they've got Heroic Inspiration going into their level up so they get a second shot at that low roll for more hit points.

Designer Jeremy Crawford doesn't discuss how Heroic Inspiration is handed out in D&D 2024. Is it still dependent on those traits, bonds, and flaws from vanilla 5e? Is it something more akin to my haphazard method of doling out Inspiration like taking your morning vitamins? We shall see.

Co-op action RPG Surfpunk brings style and surfing to the genre

by: Jason -

Surfpunk, a co-op extraction action RPG from developer Double Stallion was announced today. No release date or platforms were confirmed other than PC, but the accompanying gameplay trailer shows a lot to be excited about. As a Raider, you and up three friends can play in online co-op while exploring procedurally generated islands in an anime-inspired tropical world, fighting enemies, and gathering loot as you try to keep humanity alive. On-the-fly crafting lets you create weapons and resources at your Beastship, moving seamlessly between your ship and the islands on stylish surfboards with your pals.

We get a lot of ARPGs these days, but Surfpunk looks to be doing enough different to stand out from the crowd. Check out the new gameplay trailer below while we await further news.

Splitgate 2 revealed, free-to-play arena shooter to launch in 2025

by: Jason -

Do you recall a free-to-play arena shooter called Splitgate? It took the gaming world by storm back in 2021 thanks to its “Halo but with portals” gameplay. After what started as a college project blew up, developer 1047 Games received a massive influx of funding from investors that literally changed the game for them. As such, they decided to sunset content support for Splitgate in 2022 in favor of creating a full-blown AAA sequel. Now, with a team of around 150 people, they have announced Splitgate 2, built from the ground-up in Unreal Engine 5, and dropping in 2025 for PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

A cinematic trailer sets the stage for future reveals, but it certainly has my mind racing over the possibilities for the sequel. I’m inferring a lot, but in the trailer I see character skills and/or abilities, new weapons, new equipment, and perhaps omni-movement. Take that with a grain of salt until it is confirmed, but all of that would be incredible.

What 1047 did confirm is the presence of three unique factions that allow players to utilize strategies based on their playstyle, earning progression-based rewards in the process. Also, to hold us over until 2025, a companion app is now available to download on iOS and Android, featuring a comic series and collectibles that will earn you in-game rewards when it launches next year.

Terry teased, Punk VS Big Bird in Street Fighter 6 EVO finals

by: Joseph -

Street Fighter 6 is still fun as hell to play, but it's also fun as hell to watch. I watched the Grand Finals for EVO with prominent fighters Punk (Cammy) VS Big Bird (Rashid), and it was absolutely amazing to watch. If you get the chance, youtube EVO, and watch some highlights. But only after you watch this match, because it was just absolutely amazing to watch. Even Sajam and IFC Yipes is on commentary, which makes it so much cooler. I love this game so much. And so does everyone else, as FIVE THOUSAND people entered this tournament for Street Fighter 6. 

Then, they tore back the curtain, and showed us Terry Bogard, coming to Street Fighter 6 this Fall. They showed the new stage, the Pao Pao Club, from Fatal Fury, and his intro to his World Tour mode interaction. I cannot wait. And no Terry, I am NOT ok. 


Heihachi, burritos, and Nike in Tekken 8

by: Joseph -

I woke up this morning with a sentence echoing in my head. "Heihachi Mishima is dead", quote Raven, who didn't confirm as such. Because he is very well alive, and he's coming back to Tekken 8 in the Fall. My colleague Nathan is experiencing Deja Vu.

Sunday, during EVO, Harada-san came out and talked about Lidia's release date, which is today for early access, and later this week for everyone else. Then he talked about burritos from their sponsor Chipotle. THEN he showed off the new Tekken X Nike Air Foamposite Kazuya + Jin, coming as a customization for in game fights, plus real life shoes accessible to EVO attendees for now. I owe C10 an apology. Find and follow him here.   

It's real, and with him comes a story expansion, containing both the Prime Minister Linda, and Eddy Gordo. The Nike crossover, with Nike plastered all over the buildings, is wild to me. Check it out for yourself. 


Somehow.... Heihachi returned

by: Nathan -

Well you knew this would probably happen sooner rather than later. The next character for Tekken 8's first season of DLC is.... Heihachi Mishima. Well that didn't take long now did it?

Im getting a little bit of Deja Vu here. Street Fighter 6 was a brand new story in the long running series that was finally post Street Fighter 3 with a new setting, new characters and a new story. Bison was dead, Shadaloo is gone and now Bison has already brought back from the dead in the second season of DLC.

Tekken 8 isn't gonna wait for the second year for that. After Tekken 7 was called "The end of the Mashima saga", Heihachi Mashima has returned. Check out his trailer below. 

Heihachi will release in the Fall of this year.