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Roguelike Reclaim the Sea offers fre Steam demo

by: Elliot -

I love seeing a new roguelike that does something I haven’t seen before. Reclaim the Sea might be that new something with a roguelike twist. Set in a steampunk fantasy atmosphere your goal is to lead your crew through dangerous seas, keep your ship in one piece, and, of course, save the World. You are in charge. Make decisions, manage resources, and spend your hard-earned gold on equipment, upgrades and additional crew. Will you defend this civilian ship attacked by thugs? Or will you take advantage of its weakened position? Each run is unique thanks to randomly generated ships and maps. The best part is the recently released free demo of Reclaim the Sea on Steam. The demo for Reclaim the Sea allows you to experience the first few levels of the game with a look at the different mechanics offered like the battle system, ships, and the procedurally generated maps.

No solid release date has been given for Reclaim the Sea, just sometime in 2024.

Devolver Digital want to teach you the history of Cricket

by: Elliot -

Say what you want about Devolver Digital, personally I’m a fan; the games they publish are interesting to say the least. The same looks like it can be said about Cricket Through the Ages. Like they say, everyone has hit someone with a bat or ball at least once in their life. “Cricket Through the Ages is the factual, physics-based chronicle of humanity's passion for the spirit of cricket. Whether solo or with an able partner, batter up for a cricket-based game that's anything but cricket.” I am a little interested in how factual this title is, but I can’t imagine being lied to about that.

Cricket Through the Ages has a simple, one-button control scheme, can be played solo or with a friend, and does in-fact give you the real history of the game. As with a lot of history lessons I am sure there are some, pardon the pun, wicket twist and turns about how Cricket came to be. Cricket Through the Ages is now available on PC and Nintendo Switch, normally retailing for $7.99, but is currently 25% off.

If you are still not sure if this one is up your alley go ahead and read up on our review. Joseph has been spending some time with the game. He began his journey much like the rest of us, with zero knowledge of the game. I'll just leave you with a small quote from his review. "It starts slow, but with a pretty cool payoff..."

The Red Dead Online fan in me loves Skull and Bones

by: Eric -

I am a gamer of many moods. There are times when I want to storm the castle, there are times when I want to gun down zombies, and there are times when I want to play Wheel of Fortune. There are times for puzzles, times for immersive sims, and times for sprawling RPGs.

And there are times when I want to take a long trip across an enormous map in search of materials to make a hat. And that's the piece of my soul that is tickled by Skull and Bones

I have a history of loving slower-paced games of this nature. A few years ago, I had a major knee surgery. I was out commission for a few weeks, sprawled on the sofa in my living room, unable to move around without assistance. I ended up spending most of that time playing Red Dead Online, burning hours on end building up my hunting and moonshining businesses while slowly turning my camp into a wilderness paradise. I loved the feeling of needing a certain material, and then riding halfway across the world to obtain it, just so I could make a new hat. When I'm in a certain mood, I don't mind skipping fast travel in order to take the scenic route. Playing Red Dead while I was laid up was one of the most satisfying periods of gaming in my life. 

Skull and Bones knows exactly what I'm talking about. Cowboys or pirates, these are very similar games. Here is a game that wants me to load a small shipment of rum into the hold of my ship, and then sail across the Indian Ocean to deliver it in exchange for 25 pieces of eight while enemies try to pick me off, just like I used to hop in a stagecoach and deliver my hunting pelts to the nearest train station. And similarly, there is no immediate payoff for doing these runs; the cannon that I'm saving up for costs around 700 pieces of eight, so I'm going to be hauling a lot of rum a long time. But the sound of that cannon firing for the first time is going to be awfully satisfying. 

The point is, I don't need the constant gratification of story and combat. Yes, I enjoy the naval combat in Skull and Bones, and I like the somewhat scattershot story that the game is half-heartedly pushing me through. But just as much, I enjoy hopping onto my ship with a treasure map and trying to figure out where the game wants me to go, much in the same way I enjoyed the exact same activity in Red Dead. The exploration is its own reward, as is the ever-expanding pile of loot and materials in my warehouse. 

There is an audience out there for Skull and Bones, they just have to find each other. Over time, I would expect the initial burst of booing from internet haters to die down as they move onto the next big game they've decided to hate, and a nice niche group of like-minded pirates will settle in for the long haul. These are my people, and I'm looking forward to playing with them.

Players who are looking for a focused narrative experience should probably not bother setting sail in Skull and Bones. There might eventually be a more propulsive tale that is patched into the game, but it sure isn't there now. Instead, this game is very much a nautical version of Red Dead Online - a beautiful, somewhat languid playground where you can make your own fun. And your own hats. 

The landlord is back and rent is due! Check out the trailer for WWE 2K24's story modes

by: Nathan -

One of my favorite parts of wrestling games is the story mode and WWE 2K24 will once again include two separate story modes. Undisputed for the men and Unleashed for the women. 

The men's story hilariously starts off with Roman Reigns relinquishing the title after Cody Rhodes has failed to finish his story for god knows how many times now. Now as everyone is trying to stake their claim to the title, Roman Reigns makes his return and is ready to reclaim his throne. 

The women's story Unleashed seems very different as you start off in an independent wrestling company, building it from the ground up into the biggest alternative and rival to the WWE around. As the hottest free agent jumping over to the WWE you can share the wealth and try to build others up or unleash your full potential in being the bigger star ever. 

WWE 2K24 launches on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series X and PC on March 8th for the Standard Edition and March 5th for the Deluxe and 40 Years of Wrestle Mania edition.  

Free-to-play shooter Delta Force: Hawk Ops shares cinematic trailer, map reveal

by: Jason -

Things are starting to heat up with upcoming free-to-play FPS Delta Force: Hawk Ops. In recent days, we’ve received a new cinematic trailer setting the stage for the game, which takes place in 2035 amid a world in geopolitical chaos. We’ve also got our first look at one of the game’s maps, Zero Dam, and modes, Hazard Operations. You can check out both videos below.

The game appears to be shaping up nicely, with a hands-on preview event taking place later this month that should glean even more information. Delta Force: Hawk Ops is coming to PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and mobile devices, though no release date has been announced. With the marketing cycle heating up like this, it feels like a 2024 release is likely.

Mega Man costumes and more ready for Street Fighter 6

by: joseph -

I am not a huge fan of cosmetics. Anyone who's anyone knows that my avatars or create-a-character has to be the feature I love the least in fighting games. Give me a bald headed light skinned dude with a hoodie, and I'm good. Let's play the game. Capcom must've caught word of this, and decided to test my mettle. 

Street Fighter 6 announced a Mega Man Gala Fighter's past. While you can get items in the free tier, premium items contain a full Mega Man Suit, and Mega Man: The Power Battles to play in the gallery. You can unlock these by simply playing the game, and getting enough kudos to do so. I just gotta get past the fact that the Premium fighter's pass pays for itself and future ones if you unlock all the fighter's coins at the end of the pass. They knew I would try for this. They know how much I love Mega Man. They just knew. 

The pass starts in March. The premium pass is only $5. And yes, I'm talking to myself. 

Tekken 8 shop open for business

by: joseph -

The Tekken 8 shop is now open, and has a combination of free and paid customization items for your character of choice. These items will be changed out monthly as different partnerships and past costumes stock the e-shelves The paid items can be purchased with Tekken Coins, which can be bought in the store of your platform. UT's collaboration with Tekken will also be available in the store for all playable characters, and your avatar, if you feel the need to style on people after you style on people. 

With this Store opening, comes an update. The update comes with a punishment for discovered cheaters (Ugh) who, instead of receiving a ban, will just have their ranking reduced to beginner, and removed from the leaderboard. The question is, can they just climb back up? Use that ban hammer, Hirada! 

There are other improvements like having the fight anywhere option to stay on in the fighting lounge, and the maximum number of consecutive wins increased to 999. I'd hate to play the person who discovered that problem. Yeesh. 

Anyway, Tekken 8 seems to be thriving. Fighting games in general are doing so well right now. Yes, even you, Mortal Kombat 1. 

Life sim RPG SunnySide adds PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series versions

by: Jason -

Publisher Merge Games and developer RainyGames have confirmed platforms for its upcoming farming and life sim, SunnySide. The cozy RPG is heading to PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S, though no release date has been announced. It can be wishlisted now on Steam and the PlayStation Store, and a physical edition was also announced for PS5.

SunnySide is set in the Japanese countryside and features a beautiful anime inspired art style. Develop your plot of land with over 100 crop types while building out your homestead. SunnySide also includes a diverse cast of characters to meet, socialize with, and bond with. Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper life sim without some sort of combat, would it? This game does it a bit differently, opting for a cozy card-battling system to fight enemies in the caves below town. Interesting.

Check out the new console announcement trailer while we wait for word of a release date:

GRS Build-A-Cade getting a six button control panel

by: John -

I really enjoyed the making of the GRS Build-A-Cade and that project has inspired me to actually create something, which I'll be showing off as soon as all the parts have arrived. One of the control panels I thought was missing when I reviewed it was a six button layout for many fighting games. Well, that's going to be taken care of in March.

You can go to GRS now and pre-order the six button panel for a reasonable price of $24.99. That's the same price as the three button layout and the dual joystick panel. From the picture, it looks like it uses a more arcade style button in a miniature size with a concave top. Even the player buttons look bigger than the three button panel counterpart.

It's due out in March sometime and if you want to play some fighting games on the go with the GRS Build-A-Cade, this panel is for you.

Free trial, new character, krossplay - Mortal Kombat 1 Season 4 begins

by: Rob -

We announced the addition of the Peacemaker into Mortal Kombat 1 last week, but today actually kicks off his introduction to the game with the release of Season 4: The Huntress. This season introduces Mileena as the main boss in the Invasions mode and adds new challenges, story elements, boss battles, and over 150 rewards and character skins. 

Other additions to the game include "krossplay" to be able to jump into leaderboard supported matchmaking across platforms in both Ranked Kombat and Kasual Versus modes as well as Private Versus matches. 

Mortal Kombat 1 is available on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam or the Epic Games Store. If you haven't jumped in yet, there is the free trial weekend coming next weekend, March 7th to the 10th. The trial will include access to the base roster of characters and Kameo Fighters, all online and local multiplayer modes, Towers, Story mode only up to Chapter 2, and only Johnny Cage's Mansion for Invasions mode. For more information on the trial, visit https://go.wbgames.com/MK1-Free-Trial-FAQ. You can also check out Nathan's review from October.