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Though something of a system hog for the PC back in 2002, the six-year-old Arx Fatalis (GN Grade: B) is now patched up for Windows XP and Vista and is available at Good Old Games ( -- and will probably run magnificently now on the machine sitting in front of you.  This "criminally overlooked" first-person RPG features plenty of old-school role-playing mechanics, not to discount gratuitous bodily dimemberment.  Arx Fatalis is at the going rate of $9.99 at, but you can make that price point work even more in your favor if you take advantage of their 3-for-2 deal going on right now.

Straight out of the Dungeon, Arx Fatalis invades

GOG Frenzy Continues as another Top-Notch and DRM-Free RPG Appears on the Site


Warsaw, Poland - December 4, 2008. The frenzy of activity this month at Good Old Games (, the home of digitally distributed DRM-free all-time PC classics, continues with today's announcement that Arx Fatalis, the criminally overlooked first-person RPG from the folks at Arkane Studios, is now available in the games catalogue for just $9.99.


With the addition of Arx Fatalis to the ever-growing catalogue at Good Old Games, users receive another classic PC game with great storytelling, a gripping plot and lots of dismembered legs, arms and heads. As with all games, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the game is 100% DRM-free, costs less than $10 and is available with lots of cool bonus stuff like the official soundtrack, a map of the world, wallpapers and more. Thanks to an exclusive new patch from Arkane, the game is now 100% compatible with Windows XP and Vista.


"Arx Fatalis is another great addition to the games catalogue. The game was warmly received by media and players, and this is a great chance for anyone who overlooked it the first time to experience one of the best action-RPGs in recent years," said Adam Oldakowski, Managing Director of "The agreement with Arkane also shows that isn't always looking to sign new deals for multiple titles; we're also searching for the rights for individual gems of PC gaming."


"We are very happy to join the growing list of companies that support the idea behind We believe that adding Arx Fatalis to's game catalogue will expand the fan base of both the game and," said Raphaël Colantonio, CEO and Creative Director of Arkane Studios.


Arx Fatalis is now available on, so visit and experience the best of classic PC games. The announcement of the Arkane agreement is a part of wider action prepared by the Team called "December is fever month." The Team has prepared lots of new features, new releases and more agreements to announce this month. So stay tuned for more information from in the upcoming days.



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