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Whats up everyone!  My name is David Bahle, i am 18 years old(19 on July 25th) from Pittsburgh....Excuse me Sixburgh(City of Champs...and the Pirates) Pennsylvania. I'm attending Duquesne University in the fall for comptuer science.  I'm a hardcore gamer for pretty much all systems, except PS3.  I'm into FPS, RPG(MMO or Normal), and Rythem games(RockBand, Guitar Hero).  Some other hobbies of mine include reading, playing violin, and taking long walks on the beach into the sunset.  I'm also a Sr. Staff member over at www.MLGinsider.com.   I'm also a HUGE Uno fan for the 360.  My personal record for the longest i've ever played Uno straight is 7 hours, so if your up for some Uno, hit me up =D

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