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August NPD numbers in, 360 passes PS3 by 10K units...everything else the same

by: Chuck -
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The NPD numbers from last month are in and the battle for second place in the console wars gets changed up last month as Microsoft passed Sony for second place.  Of course this number is before the Microsoft price cut so I would expect that gap to increase significantly next month.  Nintendo continues their reign at the top despite still being limited by supply. 

Here are the hardware numbers:

DS  - 518,000
Wii - 453,000
PSP - 253,000
360 - 195,000
PS3 - 185,000

Madden 09 was the big seller on the software side with the game selling almost 2 million copies on the Xbox 360 (1M copies), PS3 (643K), and PS2(425K).  Too Human clunked in at 168K copies and I'm guessing this will be the only time we see the game on the NPD list. 

Next month will be a big month with Rock Band 2, the hockey games, and the Xbox 360 price cut having major sway on the chart.  It will be interesting to see how much of an impact dropping the price has on the units sold as early rumors have the 360 sales doubling since the price drop.
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