Far Cry 2 exclusive GameStop pre-order edition comes with a "bonus"

by: Randy -
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Ubisoft signed a pretty sweet exclusive deal with GameStop (slash-EB Games, slash-Software Etc.).  And by "sweet" I mean that it kinda sucks if you don't order from there.  By pre-ordering a regular edition of Far Cry 2, you'll automatically be upgraded to the GameStop Exclusive Pre-Order Edition, which includes:
  • 6 bonus missions with about 3 extra hours of gameplay
  • A foldout map of Far Cry 2's open world
  • Exclusive box art
Not so concerned about that second and third bullet.  But by pre-ordering with the Evil Empire, you'll be granted gameplay that should've been included in every edition of FarCry 2.  But they word it like it's a bonus.  "Here's your Christmas bonus, Randy."  "Gee, thanks.  That's exactly how much I was supposed to get paid in the first place."

But to look at it on the other hand, with as much business as GameStop churns up for Ubisoft (and countless other game devs), why wouldn't Ubisoft reward GameStop and GameStop customers by supersizing their order?  Makes perfect sense for their obviously healthy relationship.  And if this makes Ubisoft stockholders happy, by seeing opening day numbers bumped up that much more, then more power to Ubisoft for having a strong track record that gamers subscribe to.  For all my jabs at GameStop being an "Evil Empire," I put down five dollars the moment they told me about this offer last week.

This video is just a tad meta -- pandering to this particular GameStop offer -- but otherwise it still shows off a little bit more Far Cry 2 succulence.