What we're playing this weekend

by: Chuck -
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Ben Berry
Seeing as my fiance already downloaded it, I am going to give Pirates of the Caribbean Online a try. A little Rock Band will probably be mixed in as i anxiously await the two NHL titles due on Tuesday.

Elliot Bonnie
Not much time for gaming this weekend, but what time I do have will be spent blowing up stuff in Mercenaries 2.

Dave Gamble
I'm reliving the Summer Olympics with Summer Athletics for the Wii.  Between events, I'm racing Dodge Vipers around famous European race tracks with Simbin's new racer, GTR Evolution.

Charles Husemann
It's going to be a quiet weekend of gaming for me as I get revved up for Spore and the NHL games next week.  I'm hoping to get in a little more Pixel Junk Eden this weekend and maybe a little Rock Band.

Randy Kalista
There are over 3.3 million creatures and vehicles uploaded into Spore's online Sporepedia.  I wish I was kidding.  I'm entirely too lazy to sift through all that player-created content to find just the right creations to import into my own world.  So I'll be spending a little more time with the Spore Creature Creator myself.  Plus, on Sunday, I'll try and help everyone crash the GOG.com server by rushing in for a download of Fallout 2.

Dan Keener
Looks like I can get my 360 back from Sean Cahill, so that means I can finally download Castle Crashers and the Rock Band Rush masters.  Toss in some more Oblivion, and time to do some serious testing with the Polk Audio iSonic.

Matt Mirkovich
I've gone back to Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow on the Nintendo DS. I've also picked up Infinite Undiscovery for the 360. It's RPG-mayhem at my place as I've also got Disgaea 3, and the Tales of Vesperia limited edition begging to be played. I've also got to get practiced up for my Forza Racing League, our final race is Monday and I'm looking to finish in solid 5th.

Nathan Murray
I have been playing Gutiar Hero III in preparation for the festivities this friday. I will be bringing my nifty new phone that has a 2 megapixel camera and an expandable memory card slot. What does that mean? That means recorded mayhem that will show up on my blog later this week mwah ha ha. Anyway I'll probably be playing more Call of Duty 4 this weekend. remember user name frophey is your ticket to a quick death.

Tyler Sager
I'll be waiting for the gathering gaming storm scheduled to arrive later this month, so I'll just be fiddling around with some old titles.  I've been playing a bit of Half-Life 2 and Portal lately, along with some strategy favorites. 

Eva Sines
After I get through canning crabapple jelly and crabapple butter, I hope to get in some solid time leveling my hunter on Silverlode in Lord of the Rings Online.  We'll also be playing D&D 4.0 Sunday evening.