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Gaming Gibs for 9/5/2008

by: Chuck -
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Here are a few things I missed while learning how to operate a super-collider:
  • Atari lists the things that are different in the PS3 version of Alone in the Dark, I hope fun is one of them
  • Sins of A Solar Empire sells 500,000 copies, costs less than $1M to make, and is the case study for how to treat your customers  with respect
  • Respect for Peter More ++
  • Resistance Fall of Man 2 gets more awesome
  • Destructoid talks about how to not look like an idiot in Castle Crashers
  • Devs have concerns about Gamers Bill of Rights
  • Publishers talk about their side of the game journalism business
  • Blu Ray only has 5 years of life remaining according to Samsung, probably more like 7 but digital is certainly the way to go
  • Edge lists the top 50 ZOMG events in gaming history
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