Far Cry 2 scoffs at your game's level of immersion

by: Randy -
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If Far Cry 2 hasn't reeled you into the boat with its spreading-fire hook, open-world line, and Ubisoft-pedigree sinker, than perhaps Creative Director Clint Hawking can bait you further with this video.  And while he's not disparaging any other developer's good name when it comes to their level of "immersion," Clint makes a strong case for Far Cry 2 as he shows off weapon jamming and degradation, vehicle breakdowns and repairs, in-hand map navigation, as well as in-the-field self-first-aid practices (try not to cringe too much when you snap your own forearm back into place).  Sean Nack and I will be putting in some serious Tom vs. Bruce time when this one comes out.  His real-world Marine Corps training won't help him in a frag match against me.  But my naturally sloppy first-person shooting ability certainly will.