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Gaming Gibs for 9/3/2008

by: Chuck -
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Here are a few things I missed while reading about the monster Colin McRae memorial:
  • Final Fantasy XIII demo to be sold separately?  At least they'll be ripping off Xbox 360 owners as well as PS3 owners
  • Molyneux rates Fable II a 9/10, I wonder what he didn't like?
  • Epic has found the upper bound of what the Xbox 360 can do...
  • Crecente thinks the PA in PAX might be holding it back, I'm find it hard to agree
  • Ghostbusters, no publishing date but a whole lot of schwag
  • The RIIA smells another money pot to go after
  • Capcom could be fixing the Resident Evil 5 controls, fixing my only gripe with the game
  • Mythic explains why Hellgate:London tanked
  • PS3 plays the Microsoft game, gets exclusive DLC for Mirror's Edge
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